We all have our stories...

(here's an abridged version of mine)

I am a father of three, living in Central California among the dairies and farmland, at the base of the Sequoia National Forest.
I've worked remotely for over 15 years.

When I'm not working (and sometimes as I am) you'll find me traveling with my family in our motorhome, which we've taken across the US 12 times. We've done this with our daughter who, amongst other things, does not walk or sit unassisted, and has seizures every day. I share this as a testament to families living with varying abilities, that anything is possible, and to encourage those living with daily adversity to embrace and enjoy life.

I also spend a good deal of time practicing and training in Japanese Goju Ryu Karate, Nihon Jujutsu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and love to hobby with music (guitar) and photography.

If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to email me at tj@zaridan.com, or connect with me on

What's Kept Me Busy


11 years professional experience with Joomla.
Over 6 years in voluntary community roles, including serving as the Director of the Joomla World Conference, and Team Leader on the Joomla Transition Team.


15 years of direct customer support experience, including technical support, and technical consulting for HTML/CSS/Frontend web development.
10+ years of Support Management.


10 years experience teaching Drama and Technical Theatre.
Over 9 years experience teaching Joomla around the US, in classroom settings, and online.

Skills & Experience

    • 9+ years of experience teaching and coaching individuals and organizations in various topics, including computer usage, software application selection, usage, and best practices
    • 3 years of experience traveling to meet with individual clients and groups to coach and train in specific software applications, with lesson plans catered to their specific needs, use cases, and workflows
    • 10+ years working with cross-functional teams to define customer requirements and develop custom software solutions to solve their business needs
    • 4 years working with project managers, product owners, designers and developers to discover and define needs as well as create and refine more effective workflows that have increased productivity and quality of deliverables
    • Exceptional interpersonal skills developed over 10 years through work with internationally-based colleagues and clients
    • Self-taught (motivated) web developer
    • Proven leader and team player
    • Slack Administration
    • Ability to teach complex topics simply and successfully
    • Instructional video creation, including video editing
    • Many years of knowledge and experience with online Customer Support Systems, with extensive knowledge and experience with Zendesk , Desk.com, and Help Scout.
  • Urbanimmersive/Tourbuzz Laval, Quebec, CA (remote)
    August 2017 - October 2019
    VP of Operations / Customer Experience Group Coordinator

    • Collaborate with the Customer Experience team to actualize our holistic Customer Experience Vision
    • Through a combination of operationalizing and innovation, ensure Customer Support is reliable, effective, and constantly improving
      • Identify and capitalize on opportunities for increasing Customer Support’s effectiveness, efficiency, and impact--internal to the team, cross-functionally, and within the organization
      • Develop Customer Support SOPs, best practices, and tooling
      • Monitor and cultivate Customer Support Team internal alignment and team alignment with Tourbuzz
    • Collaborate with Functional Leads to contribute to cross-functional efforts and company objectives
    • Act as the voice of Customer Support in org-level planning and product strategy conversations
    • Coach Customer Support Specialists in customer support and product knowledge
    • Ensure reactive support shifts are appropriately covered
    • Audit customer support conversations for responsiveness, thoroughness, tone, and accuracy
    • Optimize automated / triggered support communication and messaging
    • Pair with Customer Support Specialists to resolve challenging reactive support engagements
    • Regularly coach Customer Support Specialists on customer service skills and product knowledge
      • Quick feedback (positive and constructive) as needed to drive individual growth
      • Weekly pairing sessions / ticket reviews with each Customer Support Specialist
      • Regular team meetings to discuss trends, opportunities for team-wide improvement, new or shifting product features / characteristics, etc.
    • Functional Manager responsibilities include (when working with each individual on the team):
      • Create space for the surfacing of questions, concerns, and frustrations
      • Cultivate the building of trust between each person and their peers, as well as between each person and Tourbuzz
      • Cultivate each person’s fulfillment and sense of belonging to the Tourbuzz family
      • Facilitate growth and development
        • Offer guidance, feedback, coaching, and be a sounding board
        • Facilitate professional development and role development
        • Facilitate career development conversations
      • Enable value creation
        • Assist with prioritization and bandwidth allocation
        • Act as the “voice of Tourbuzz” as needed to help prioritize requests and opportunities
        • Help identify and remove blockers
        • Help coordinate and enable cross-functional work
        • Cultivate clarity and alignment with company objectives
        • Facilitate individual initiative / OKR check-ins

    redWEB ApS, Odense, Denmark (remote)
    July 2012 - August 2017
    Support Manager/Systems & Applications Manager

    • Advised over 900 customers with adoption and usage of our company’s software applications, including helping with general usage, best practices, and troubleshooting
    • Manage a small support team who provide general as well as technical support
    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to assess customer needs and define product requirements, improvements, and new solutions to develop
    • Oversaw the research, discovery, and implementation of a new support system
    • Coordinate with cross-functional teams to assess customer needs and define product requirements, improvements, and new solutions to develop
    • Supervise the implementation and administration of all internal company applications, including Atlassian products used for product/project and asset management, and Slack for internal company communications and external client communications
    • Collaborate with various teams to create, compile, and organize assets for documentation, marketing and other business needs
    • Localization Management – creating structure for GitHub integration and managing translations to allow providing our products with multi-language support
  • University of Phoenix
    January 2006 – December 2008
    Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Communications
    3.57 GPA

    Relevant Course Work
    • Project Planning and Implementation
    • Image Editing
    • Web Design
    • Electronic Publishing
    • Human Factors in Technology
    • Instructional Design

    College of the Sequoias Visalia, California
    August 1993 – January 1996
    Associate of Arts in Drama, Technical
    Associate of Arts in Drama, Acting

Professional Development & Volunteer Work

Joomla World Conference Committee

November 2015 - December 2016
Led an international team of volunteers to plan and execute the annual Joomla World Conference.

Joomla World Conference Committee

January 2012 - November 2015
Team Member
Participated as a team member on the committee that plans and executes the production of the annual Joomla World Conference.

Joomla Transition Team

September 2015 - Present
Team Leader
Serve as an elected member of the team tasked with helping the Joomla organization adopt a new leadership structure.

Enchanted Playhouse Children's Theatre Company

September 1996 - September 1998
Board of Directors
Served as a board member for the local children’s theatre company.